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Link Building is a major method of Search Engine Optimization. Link popularity / link building refer to the amount of quality web sites that have links pointing back to your website. The more quality links there are, the better search engine ranking your site will achieve. Today search engines such as Google heavily rely upon link analysis. Link Buildng is an extremely important aspect of any search engine optimization campaign and can have dramatic results immediately after completion some of our clients achieved unbelievable return on investment (ROI) with strategic link building.

Facts About Link Building

  • Link Quality vs Quantity : Link quality is far more important than link quantity; however, as long as the links get indexed any link will likely help make your site seem more authoritative to search engines such as Google and Yahoo! Search.

  • PageRank vs Anchor Text : Anchor text is more important than PageRank.

  • Reciprocal Link Requests : Most people who request link exchanges are not worth exchanging links with.

  • Link Building Timeline : It can take many months and hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to build an effective linking campaign.

  • One Way Links :Directory links, press releases, and related website links can help you build an effective linking campaign without the worries associated with exchanging links with sketchy sites.

  • Promoting Good Ideas: It is far easier to create an idea worth promoting than it is to promote an idea not worth promoting.

We start link building campaigns by registering your site with dozens of directories. In addition we find other links for your resource. A link building campaign is part of any effective search engine marketing campaign.

All these aspects need to be considered and reconsidered. Our team understands these issues well and this silent promotion, when executed well by us, is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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